brand consultancy

Brand Consultancy – we can make the difference

At every contact point with your customers, from answering a call to packaging your product or service, your brand is the total collective experience of your business or organisation. However, in order to be a successful business you need to be able to connect with your clients effectively and consistently. Through our brand consultancy, we can help you communicate your brand clearly and ‘on message’. This spreads confidence, good will and trust to your target audience.

Our aim is to set you apart from the competition. We want to give you the edge to stand out and succeed within your field of expertise. Finding the difference and making the difference in your business’ ability to attract and retain customers is what we specialise in.

Brand Consultancy – the benefits to you:

  • Gain the insights of an objective, expert viewpoint
  • Evaluate your current branding and customer perceptions
  • Help to clarify your vision and understand your audience needs
  • Review your business goals, brand values, messaging and tone of voice
  • Develop the design brief and agree key objectives in partnership

Brand Consultancy – Neujuice can help with:

  • Brand consultancy advice on positioning within your market sector, ‘tone of voice’ and brand message
  • Brand workshops to get to the heart of what your business is about. What your business stands for and how it is portrayed
  • Copywriting and marketing strategy
  • Research and planning your branding strategy
  • Naming
  • Further brand developmentbrand guidelines and corresponding print, digital and design work including logo design, business stationery, web design, email marketing, advertising and brochures

For a discussion about how we can help you with brand consultancy please call 01273 690087 or email us at with your requirements.