Illustration – Making your brand stand out from the crowd

Illustration is a very powerful form of communication – it can tell you a story, represent an idea in picture form, deliver information, get a message across or be used as an accompniament to text. And it can deliver the message in an interesting and informative manner. It can be particularly useful as a business tool, instantly conveying what your brand is all about and its values.

Illustration – reasons to invest in unique artwork

  • Originality. Good illustration can set your brand apart from the crowd
  • Personality. Illustrations can express your personality or your brand’s personality far more effectively than a stock image that everyone has access to
  • Impact. Original illustrations can give your brand instant visual impact
  • Value. Great illustration can cost a lot more than stock photography, but because it is unique it increases the value of your brand

Neujuice Design can help from sourcing original illustrators of a particular style to helping develop your own original artwork, in order to make it print and digital ready for projects and all styles of media.

Some of our illustration projects


little fidgets

client hunter

british property federation

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