Originating a new brand identity and online training resource for advisory professionals


The Challenge

Adlin Professional had an established website and business identity which needed to be updated and appeal to their target audience of business professionals including accountants, actuaries and tax advisers at every level.

Visit the website www.adlinprofessional.co.uk

Brand development and front-end web design for advisory and training resource

Our development role
Brand Development
Logo Design Website design
Business communications

Development Work


Our Expertise

We supported The Marketing Eye in the evolution of Adlin Professional’s brand to project a more aspirational proposition focused on ‘Getting where you want to be’.

We developed the brand identity and web presence using the concept of destinational flight maps to connect the core building blocks of Pulse, Network and Development.


Visit the website at  www.adlinprofessional.co.uk

Working in partnership
Client : The Marketing Eye

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