Building the brand of a leading, global analytics and business intelligence company


The Challenge

Coalition briefed us to originate an identity to underpin their positioning as an established, leading provider of analytics and business intelligence to Tier 1 global investment banks worldwide. It was essential that we built an impactful brand presence whilst fitting easily within the corporate global financial services market.

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Development Work


Our Expertise

After extensive research and consultancy with Coalition we introduced a unique brand motif – the Swish. The data lines used in the motif which merge then form an upward point reflect the business process that Coalition goes through to first structure information and then turn it into actionable intelligence for its clients.

Coalition’s new brand identity was communicated via its fully client managed website (including a Japanese-language microsite) and Twitter feed. The website design also features video to introduce the Coalition management team and products and services.


Three years after the rebranding work was completed, Coalition were sold to Crisil, a global analytical company for £29 million.

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