Brand development for a fabulous baker building a brand the natural way


Elizabeth D Bakes


Alabama born, London based Elizabeth Draper is a specialist in gluten free, vegan and wholefood baking. She is building a successful niche brand out of Berwick Street Market in London launching handmade products that taste great with natural ingredients. Our role has been to support Elizabeth with brand development and packaging design helping her develop her product range over the last 12 months. As you can imagine we’ve insisted on tasting the products and think she is destined for great things.


Brand development and packaging design for wholefood baker

Our development role

Creative Direction Brand Consultancy
Brand Development Graphic Design
Package Design

Elizabeth D Bakes


“Neujuice has done a fantastic job of helping us to transform our brand. The team not only took the time to understand our business and our objectives, but also provided us with creative direction and technical expertise when we needed it. Above all else, they have been a pleasure to work with and have helped to make the entire project much easier to manage..”

Elizabeth Draper Owner, Elizabeth D Bakes

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