Confirming your brand’s core values

Brand Workshops

At Neujuice we believe that undertaking brand workshops can really help you understand your brand. We want to get to the heart of what your business is about, what it stands for and how it is portrayed to the outside world.

Brand workshops – their focus

To confirm the following:

  • Identifying your target market, building personas and understanding their world
  • Clarifying the benefits you offer to your current and potential customers
  • Aligning brand values. The guiding principles that underpin everything you do
  • Shaping the personality and ‘tone of voice’ of your business
  • Narrowing your focus and agreeing your ‘unique selling point’. One word of phrase that sum up what your core brand stands for

Brand Workshops – creating a strong brand, the benefits are clear:

  • Take time to revisit what your business or organisation stands for and explore opportunities to define a new direction and potential growth
  • To create a consensus amongst all parties responsible for delivering a unified client brand message
  • To define and confirm client positioning, target audience, core values, brand essence as well as strengths and previous weaknesses of current branding
  • To uncover the simple truth. What do you do that is best in the marketplace?
  • To think strategically. How to take ‘ownership’ of that space?
  • Provide a stepping stone for further brand development

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