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An infographic (short for information graphic) is a means of representing information as a picture and is designed to make data easy to understand.

They are used across the board for all sorts of data and can incude charts, diagrams, imagery and interesting typography.

Why use infographics?

  • A well-designed infographic can make sense of even the most complicated or ‘dry’ subject and make it more interesting for the user.
  • They can catch your audiences’ attention
  • They are visually appealing
  • They can get to the heart of the subject matter quickly
  • Compelling images or graphics can generate many more views than just text alone
  • They can give your brand strong visual impact and help create brand awareness
  • They can be one of the most effective strategies in your digital marketing. Really good infographics encourage users to share them, with the potential for them to go viral.
  • They are easy to embed in a web page or printed document

Our infographics services include consultancy, brainstorming ideas and concepts, copywriting, illustration, sourcing imagery and final artwork for screen and print as required.

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