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UX Design

UX Design – User experience is one of the most important ways of understanding your audience in today’s competitive web marketplace.

UX or ‘user experience’ can be basically defined by how a person interacts with a website – either as a ‘software interface’ (how a person navigates around a website) or ‘web as hypertext system’ (how a person clicks round a website using a series of links to other pages). UX design is the process of designing a website/digital interface with this ‘journey’ in mind. UX workshops are a good way of determining the customer journey and working it into the fabric and design process of the site.

Why have UX workshops?

  • User experience design (UX design) delivers compelling, hard-working and highly innovative designs appropriate to your customers
  • UX workshops won’t tell you exactly what to do, but they can give you invaluable insights at the crucial early stages of a project
  • Begin the process of ‘wireframing’ – mapping out page content and site functionality
  • We work collaboratively with you so that every structural and design element is optimised around the needs and behaviours of your customers
  • Create a focal point and shared language for the project team

What information are we hoping to obtain from the workshops?

  • “Know your users”: your users are the market we are designing for
  • Is the current site structure appropriate for your audience?
  • Assess how well the current content and functionality is addressing the needs of the audience
  • How to connect business values with customer values

Topics covered in the workshops

  • User journeys
  • Possible site structures as a result of the journeys
  • Prioritisation of content

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