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Trick or Treat? What makes a good sweet wrapper?



It’s coming up to Halloween and all kids thoughts turn to this annual scream fest of knocking on neighbours doors, running around in questionable outfits (that’s just the parents) and ending up with bucketfuls of sugary sweets.

But what is the psychology behind all these different confectionary wrapping?  What makes a good sweet wrapper?

Strong brand recognition
This is extremely important factor with your everyday brands of chocolate and sweets competing for the customer’s attention – on the shelves of small shops and supermarkets.  We have singled out two of most recognisable confectionary wrappers to focus on…


Their logo has evolved over the years but the distinctive purple colouring of their wrapper (the same colour since 1920) has allowed the brand to extend into a number of confectionary categories. This colour works well as a foil, feels like a special colour appealing to young and old, men and women.  Cadburys have even tried to trademark the purple of its Dairy Milk bars (the colour Pantone 2865c) and succeeded in 2011 but then this was challenged in courts by Nestle and overturned 2 years later.


Its logo and distinctive product shape makes Toblerone recognisable throughout the world.  Legend has it, its shape was based on the Matterhorn mountains, but according to Theodor Tobler’s sons, the shape was inspired by the line of sexy dancers at the Folies Bergères in Paris, who formed a pyramid at the end of a show.

The cool factor – retro sweets

From humbugs to flying saucers, drumsticks to parma violets – retro sweets are cool!  This is seen part of a fashion movement of worshipping all things retro (clothing, music, art) and part of a wider social phenomenon of yearning for the ‘good old days’ when all things were perceived to be simpler.

This has translated into significant annual growth in sales of the nostalgia sweet market of 20% as opposed to 1.6 % growth of the sweets sector overall.  Figures taken from the Financial Times.

Evocative packaging

Confectionery packaging paints a picture of what lies beneath the wrapper and is all important in enticing the consumer to choose that particular product.  It also reflects the quality.
An example at the luxury end of the market are these gemstone chocolates. These decadent designer chocolates were created by the Azature, the company responsible for the world’s most expensive Black Diamond nail polish, which costs $250,000 for the one bottle!  It’s because you’re worth it!  Your kids are very unlikely to be getting these in their trick or treat buckets!

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October 27, 2015 by Emma Papper Categories: Brand