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The Digital Bake Off – the perfect ingredients to create a website




We’ve all been enjoying the Great British Bake Off on television this Autumn.

A couple of years ago Digital Arts Online interviewed the show’s illustrator Tom Hovey about how he draws such mouth watering sketches.

“I sketch out all the bakes in pencil really quickly so I have the right shape, height and width. I then move each sketch to the light-box and draw using an ultra fine pen, using a larger pen large areas of shading. These drawings are then scanned in at a hi-res and moved into Photoshop for editing.

“I remove the background, play with the Curves and – if I am happy with the quality of all lines – I drop onto the set background and add the type, arrows and colour and create the layers for animating.

You can see the rest of Digital Arts Online interview with Tom Hovey here http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/illustration/interview-tom-hovey-on-drawing-cakes-for-great-british-bake-off/

More digital baking – the recipe for a successful website design or redesign

As a digital design agency we are always asked by clients what we need in order to start a web project – whether it is creating a website from scratch or just a redesign job

These are the things that are essential for the mix!

1. A great logo! It seems obvious but the logo is the most important facet in the creation of a website helping to provide the tone, the palette of colours used throughout the site.

2. Other branding considerations – secondary colours, use of font, other stylistic factors

3. Decent photography! A picture can say a thousand words. This is vital, particulary images that have been optimised so they don’t take ages to load – there is no point in having beautiful images if the user has to wait 5 minutes to see them, they will just get bored and go somewhere else

4. Good compelling copy! When the user comes onto your site it is essential that you have text on the homepage or indeed any page of the site summing up exactly what your business is all about . It doesn’t have to be loads, it has to be relevant. this is also particulary important for search engine optimisation purposes and different routes of entry. Not all people come to your site through the homepage so other main sections of your site need to be relevant.

5. Idea of style of site! The clearer an idea you have in your mind of what you want your site to look like (researching competitor sites is a very useful), any frames of reference, the more likely we are able to achieve your ideal website

6. Idea of structure – drawing up a simple site map (pointing to the main sections of your site) will give us a clearer idea of the flow of the site and what things are important to your business

Here’s one we made earlier!


Smallfish Creative and Casting Agency http://smallfishcreative.co.uk/ (a site we designed on behalf of the Marketing Eye) is a great example of a client who followed all the above steps – they supplied us with a fantastic logo, loads of brilliant hi-res images and good copy, clear font and branded colour instructions and even the exact WordPress theme that the site was based on. This enabled us to put the site together easily and painlessly, the whole thing was probably done in less than a week.

Need help with your website design or re-design – let us create the right mix for you ! Give us a ring on 01273 690087 or email nick@neujuice.com

For further examples of our work go to https://neujuice.com/portfolio/

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