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Autumn Trends Part 1- Responsive Website Design



responsive website design
‘Responsive’ in terms of  website design is a buzzword that has been around for a couple of years now, and this trend is here to stay.

Responsive website design is a way of developing sites to provide the best and easiest viewing experience on a number of platforms. These can range from mobile phones and tablets through to larger desktop computers. If a site has been designed responsively, when the visitor enters the site, the website will recognise the device they are using (by measuring the screen size) and then adapt its layout.

This way of designing has been led by the explosion of smartphone users accessing the internet. Here are some statistics which show you that this is a market that cannot be ignored and why everyone should have a website that is optimised for the mobile phone market.

Global users accessing the Internet

1.1 billion computers
400 million mobile phones

1.65 billion computers
1.75 billion mobile phones

Responsive design will continue to evolve and adapt as new technology is released in the next few years with things such as smart televisions,  wearable tech (like the smart watch) and new smart devices around the home.

The advantages of responsive website design

  • it creates a consistent approach for your web presence – one link to your site as opposed to the old practice of creating a separate mobile website or in a lot of cases, no mobile version
  •  responsive design is good for search engine optimisation – one single link to your site is ranked higher within search engines algorithims
  • with our ‘always connected’ lifestyle users have got used to accessing email on smartphones. Being on the go it can be more convenient to complete tasks online on a mobile (ie. fill in forms, shopping, online banking). Responsive design is reflecting these changes on how we use our phones as mini laptops
  •  your site is future proofed not only on mobile devices but other means of digital presentation yet to be developed

Looking for advice on how to make your website responsive? We can help! Give us a ring on 01273 690087 or email us at info@neujuice.com with your requirements.

September 29, 2014 by Emma Papper Categories: Design