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Useful video plug-ins for your WordPress website



Why use video on your website?

Video is a powerful tool on your website for a number of reasons. It is great for promoting your business and explaining who you are and what you do; it can provide a virtual tour of your location; it can make your site more dynamic and engaging to your audience video can put ideas across visually in a more immediate manner than a long winded text description; it can increase the popularity of your web pages. However – most importantly of all search engines love video content! Particularly Google who own Youtube, which is why a lot of video links appear at the top of search engine results.

Video Plug-ins

We have put together some of the most easy-to-use WordPress video plug-ins we have found to enhance your video content on your website

Hide related YouTube video plug-in

If you view Youtube videos a lot, you will notice that after the video has played a screen comes up with related videos. If you want to embed a Youtube video on your website, this may not be useful for you in business terms.  The reason being these could show competitor videos, or content that may not be relevant or suitable for your website. All you need to do is install and activate the Hide YouTube Related Video plug-ins and this problem will be solved. Just add your YouTube URL in a post like you would normally.

Responsive Video Embedder video plug-in

Responsive is the buzzword of the moment with websites. This means that your website can be viewed easily on all platforms, computers, laptops, tablet and mobile. However, when you embed a video in WordPress, by default these videos are not responsive with videos appearing  stretched and out of proportion on different plaforms.

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder is a WordPress video plug-in which allows you to make your embedded video responsive. All you need to do is install and activate the  plug-in.  To insert it into your post/page click on the film clipperboard icon and type in id/URL of the video.

Another great feature that this video plug-in has is the ability for the video to play straight away in the browser.  To enable this feature, after you have activated the plug-in, you need to go to Settings » Advanced Responsive Video Embedder and tick the Autoplay All box and Save Changes

How to create interactive videos with Viewbix video plug-in

Viewbix allows you to create a highly customized video player for  YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Web Services, etc. It allows you to add interactive buttons to your video, so your audience can  be prompted to take action while watching the videos.  Examples of these  can be share videos on social media, subscribe to your email newsletter, or a call-to-action to any page on your website.  This is not a free plug-in.

Here is more detailed guide on how to set up Viewbix on your website

Optimise your video for search engine results plug-in

This plug-in is similar to a sitemap which organizes all of your blog posts.  WP Video SEO generates a sitemap of all of your videos. Because it links specific videos to specific blog posts, if offers the ability to display a thumbnail of your video in search engines alongside your title, and description.

Further resources

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